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Book 1

The Adralack Crack on Mt. Backer

The first of the Adralack Trilogy
Would you risk your life exploring a lava tunnel under a glacier in the wintertime?
Why did Larry become the victim of a cosmic force when he stepped into the shallow rocky overhang for shelter and disintegrated?
Could Adrian, who saw it happen, invent a machine that could bring him back out? Would Adrian use his machine to commit an $80,000 robbery? Would Art become obsessed with walking into the crack? …

Book 2

Exvascia – The Dwarf Planet

The second of the Adralack Trilogy
EXVASCIA – THE ADRALACK TRILOGY Would you like to try living in another person’s body and try to convince people you’re not who they see? What if the body’s owner could take control of it whenever they wanted to? What happened to your friends who traveled to Exvascia? What do you do when you’re caught in a mine cave-in? What’s it like to live on a dwarf planet that has to maneuver in space to avoid comets or rogue moons?…..

Book 3

Creatures From Spark Stone Mountain

The last of the Adralack Trilogy
Adrian and Delbert live on a dwarf planet called Exvascia. Besides natural dangers, aliens arrive hoping to secure spaceships full of the Spark Stone Mineral. Fighting begins between various groups after the mineral and two of their spaceships explode simultaneously, changing the planet’s orbit. Will it escape a black hole looming in its new orbit? Will they have to scuttle the planet? Will they find out what happened to the…..

Complete Set Of​

The Adralack Trilogy​

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The Adralack Crack on Mt Baker
The Adralack Crack on Mt. Baker
Exvascia – The Dwarf Planet
Creatures from Spark Stone Mountain

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Adralack Crack Trilogy